Retired Squirrel is a creative space where I publish my thoughts and essays about being retired and aging. It is sometimes serious, often lighthearted, frequently nostalgic, and always ready to explore philosophical questions.

My Background

I span two cultures: science/technology and the arts/humanities and feel equally at home in both worlds. Educationally I have a bachelor’s and master’s degree in English, and a master’s in Library Science. My life’s work has been primarily in computer technology.

I am not religious, though I grew up Protestant, then spent a few years as a converted Catholic, following a spiritual path that led through Zen, Taoism, Jungian psychology, and eventually into Existentialism. I have developed a deep appreciation for the human spirit that is not diminished by my love of science. I believe our existence is material and that when we die we scatter our atoms through the universe. I do not believe in the supernatural, though I empathize with those who do.

I’m in awe of life and especially of its origin and evolution on planet Earth and, later, the cultural evolution of human life, and I’m deeply grateful for the experience of life as a thinking, feeling being. The only thing I can give in return, aside from trying to be a decent human being, is a record of my thoughts, and my photographic images.

I’m a citizen of Canada, my second home, where I have lived most of my adult life. I’m an ex-citizen of the United States where I was born and raised. The Fates brought me to Canada, and my life-partner Marion, for which I have been immensely grateful. I hope you enjoy these essays.

— Gene Wilburn, Port Credit, Ontario, Christmas 2016